About us
We are dedicated to providing academically well founded, practical solutions for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in general, focussing on improvement of nutrition, food and agricultural situation of the world in particular.
On base of wide-range application of latest methods of big data collection and analysis as well as mobilisation of intellectual resources in Europe we bridge the gap between theory and praxis, uniting the academic rigorousness of scholar owners and partners with flexibility of a small-scale, private owned start up company.
Why are we here? – Gaps and contradictions

In last decades, it became obvious, that there are considerable contradictions in global development. From the point of view of our mission, the most important ones are as follows:

  • The big data concept became a buzzword, the internet of things opens new horizons in database building, but the economic actors, neither on governmental nor on entrepreneurial level often are not able to apply these possibilities in practical decision making.
  • These is a mushrooming of academic publications, but we do not have satisfactory methods for analysis of efficiency of scientific performance, downscaled to specific regions and national languages.
  • Different international organisations (e.g. EU, NATO) mobilise considerable resources for promotion of academic, practice-oriented research, but there are considerable geographic imbalances in allocation of resources in favour of more developed countries.
  • Despite the unprecedented technical, technological and logistical development of last decades the prevalence of malnutrition is constantly increasing, especially in Africa.
  • In the face of rapid increase in our knowledge base on scientific background on the relation between food consumption and health, the prevalence of nutrition related non-communicable diseases is constantly growing, obesity has become a global health problem, causing an ever-increasing socio-economic burden.
What we offer

The main goal of Pro-Sharp Research and Innovation Center is to contribute to and transfer of know-how, accumulated in modern high tech entrepreneurial and academic sector. We offer complex, key turn projects and development programs, contributing to the sustainable economic development, upgrading the efficiency of research and research evaluation focussing on but not limited to the improvement of public health, food security and safety situation, workplace creation and enhancement of income-generating capacity in different regions in the world.

Based on our wide-range, well documented and traceable international experiences we offer:

  • Development of decision support systems, based on the latest methods of multivariable statistical methods, data mining and artificial intelligence.
  • IT support of research and development projects.
  • Complex management of international tenders and applications from idea-generation up to the organisation management.
  • Creation of forum for professional discussion on policy development.
Professional background and references

Our owners and partners have wide-ranging, international experiences in:

  • Building, management and maintenance of complex, multidimensional databases.
  • Preparation and management of international research and education projects.
  • Setting up large basic and applied research ideas, development of conceptual models, management of data collection systems, preparation of high-quality research papers, published in leading journals of science.
  • Governmental, regional and entrepreneurial policy analysis and strategic planning in Europe, Asia and Africa.
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