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We are dedicated to providing academically well founded, practical solutions for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations in general, focussing on improvement of nutrition, food and agricultural situation of the world in particular.
On base of wide-range application of latest methods of big data collection and analysis as well as mobilisation of intellectual resources in Europe we bridge the gap between theory and praxis, uniting the academic rigorousness of scholar owners and partners with flexibility of a small-scale, private owned start up company.
Kiss, A., Lakner, Z., Fritz P., Soós S. (2019)
Linking the dimensions of policy-related research on obesity: a hybrid mapping with multicluster topics and interdisciplinarity maps. Scientometrics, In Press
Mapping the intellectual structure and dynamics of complex, multidisciplinary domains has long been a challenging task for bibliometrics. Research subjects with outstanding social relevance are typically of this sort, being multifaceted and requiring a synthesis of various field-specific perspectives.
Kiss, A., Popp, J., Oláh, J., & Lakner Z. (2019)
The Reform of School Catering in Hungary: Anatomy of a Health-Education Attempt. Nutrients, 11(4), 716.
School lunch nutrition standards are an important carrier of messages on healthy eating and an efficient way of changing the nutritional behaviour of new generations. Many countries in Europe have a compulsory system of school meals; the Hungarian government also wanted to take action in order to improve the nutrition requirements of the school catering service.
Data management and mining in field of nutrition, food and agriculture
The Pro-Sharp Research and Innovation Center in healthcare and food sector development applies a system-based, holistic approach. That’s why beside the nutritional situation analysis as well as prevention programmes we consider the possibilities of development of other activities, which could also contribute to the boost of the local economies, from promotion of rural tourism to renewable energy use.
Knowledge mapping, discovery and synthesis for informed R&D&I decision making
Research, development and innovation management requires up-to-date knowledge on current science, research directions and trends, timely problems and solutions provided by the scientific community. i.e. by field experts and professionals.
Prof. Andrea Petróczi PhD PhD
Andrea Petróczi is a Research Professor at Kingston University London (UK). She is also a guest professor at KU Leuven (Belgium) and external faculty member at ’Foro Italico’ University of Rome (Italy). Andrea is an internationally recognised expert in anti-doping research, with background in psychology, management & marketing and journalism. She obtained her first PhD from the University of Northern Colorado (USA) in Sport and Exercise Science: Sport Administration, with a doctoral minor in Research Methods and Applied Statistics in 2002, and her second PhD in psychology from the University of Sheffield (UK) in 2015. Andrea research is centred on behavioural choices with public health implications. With a strong commitment to multidisciplinary research spanning across disciplines allied to medicine and psychology, her research has attracted funding from a wide range of sources, including the World Anti-Doping Agency, the National Prevention Research Initiative/Medical Research Council, The British Academy, the International Olympic Committee and the European Council.
Anna Kiss PhD
Anna earned her Ph.D. at the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Doctoral School of Food Sciences and she is a research associate at the Department of Science Policy and Scientometrics at the Library and Information Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences since 2018. The main area of her research activity is related to health science and bibliometric studies. She participates in several national and international research projects and she is a member of the „Structure and taxonomy of science” international research group. She is the technical editor of the Journal of Adult Learning, Knowledge, and Innovation.
Sándor Soós PhD
Dr. Sándor Soós is a senior researcher in scientometrics and science studies. He’s the head of the Department of Science Policy and Scientometrics at the Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He earned his PhD in cognitive science, on the subject of the mathematical modeling of the cognitive structure of scientific discourses, and has been a researcher in the field of science modelling and scientometrics for ten years.
Prof. habil Zoltán Lakner PhD, DSc, Jean Monnet Chair
Full time university professor (2010-), Jean Monnet Chair (2019-), and head of department “Food Economics”, head of doctoral school “Economics and management” at Szent István Univeristy. More than three decades’ experience in organization and management of international research teams, focusing on development policy in post-soviet region, West Balkan and Africa.
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